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Hello All!

I have since updated my blog to a new Google site. Hopefully this new site will make it easier to access information, assignments, and/or updates. Below is the link to the new blog…

Mr. Caipen’s History Blog

-Mr. Caipen

Welcome Back!

Welcome to another year here at Stanton Middle School! 

This will be your 8th grade U.S. History Blog. I am in the process of changing my Blog over to a new venue, but it will take a little while, so for now you can use this site for any academic needs you may have. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail or contact me through Remind 101. I hope we have a great year, and learn a little social studies in the process 😉 Below are the links to sign up for Remind 101. Make sure you choose the correct class period!

(1st Period) https://www.remind.com/join/g9c73hd

(2nd Period) https://www.remind.com/join/gfb926

(3rd Period) https://www.remind.com/join/efa8dg6

(5th Period) https://www.remind.com/join/2gkea7

-Mr. Caipen

U.S. States Interactive Map

Hey here is the link to access the interactive states map. Happy studying!!



Welcome to 8th Grade U.S. History!!

Hello Everyone!

This is the blog that you can find a lot of information, announcement posts, assignments, and the link to the online book. I wanted to officially welcome all my students (and parents) to the Voyager team, we are glad to have you! If you have any questions I can best be reached by email (ke_bcaipen@kentschools.net). Let’s all have a great year!

-Mr. Caipen

U.S. States Study Interactive Map

Hey Everyone!

Here is the link to the U.S. States interactive map that I promised! This is a great study tool for the 50 States test we will be having soon! Enjoy.


Welcome Back to SCHOOL…Woo-ha-ha-ha!!

Hello 7th and 8th Grade History Students!

This is the blog that you can access the online book, test/assignment info and updates, fun educational websites and even access assignments if you “forget them at home!” I am looking forward to teaching you and learning from you as well this year. Let’s have a great year everyone!!

Civil War Test

Hello all! Today is the Civil War Test that is 103 points. There will be no test fixes for this test…the grade you get is the final one!

I also wanted to make sure everyone knew that we will be turning in our books on Monday May 23rd. Make sure you take your cover off before turning in your book. The number you wrote in the beginning of the year must match the book you turn in to me!

For the last few days on class we will be watching the movie Lincoln that centers on the 13th amendment (officially ends slavery). There will be a packet with questions that goes along with the movie.

I will be officially closing my grades on Friday so make sure all late work is in! Let’s finish the year strong everyone!

-Mr. Caipen

Launching the Nation Test

Hello All!

Just letting you know that the Launching the Nation Test is still scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday)! It is 91 total points. Here is the study buddy in case you didn’t get one in class today!


American Revolution Test Tomorrow!!

Just a friendly reminder that the American Revolution Test is tomorrow and it is worth 97 points! Here is the study buddy for your studying tonight! Good luck!


English Colonies Test on Friday!!

Hello Students and Parents!

Just a friendly reminder that the English Colonies Test will be this Friday November 6th. Today we should have completed the English Colonies Review which will be turned in tomorrow. When students turn in their Review they will receive the study buddy (has all questions and answers to the test as a study guide!). In case you forgot the Study Buddy at school here is a link. Happy studying!!