Welcome Back to the 2015-16 School Year!

I would like to personally welcome all of you, students and families, to the new school year.  I have enjoyed seeing you through the summer in the community, at ball fields, on playgrounds etc… but nothing beats those smiling faces walking through the front door of Walls!  A special welcome to our new Walls faculty…

Kindergarten- Mrs. Hindel and Mrs. Reilly, 1st Grade- Mrs. Esten, 2nd Grade- Mrs. Roeder, Custodian- Kasey Krocker

You will also notice some familiar faces in new places!  Welcome also to our newly enrolled students.  Have a great year! Go RIDERS!

Heidi Singer, Principal


August News 2015

Key Maker Award

Congratulations to the 2014-15 Key Maker Award winner.  The Key Maker Award is sponsored by the Parent Mentor Program.  It is meant to provide an opportunity for parents to recognize Kent City Schools’ personnel and volunteers that have played an important part in our student’s education.  The 2014-15 awardee at Walls Elementary School was Mary Rozum.  Congratulations and thank you for making a key to open the door to education to all the children you serve.



Some people see a closed door and turn away,

Others see a closed door, try the knob,

If it doesn’t open, they turn away.

Still others see a closed door, try the knob,

If it doesn’t open, they find a key,

If the key doesn’t fit, they turn away.

A rare few see a closed door, try the knob,

If it doesn’t open, they find a key,

If they key doesn’t fit,


Is there a KeyMaker in your child’s education? We would like to recognize Kent City School’s employees and volunteers that have been KeyMakers, those who open doors for students.  All nominated individuals will receive a certificate.  To naminate a KeyMaker visit http://goo.gl/GtduTM

This program is sponsored by the Kent City Schools Parent Mentor Program.  The Parent Mentor Program assists parents of children with special needs in securing an appropriate education for their child.  We must receive all nominations prior to April 17, 2014.  Call 330-676-7661 or ke_parentmentor@kentschools.net with questions.

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