Red Ribbon Week Set for October 24-28


red-ribbon-weekRed Ribbon Week will be held October 24th -28th. This week focuses on making healthy choices for ourselves and our bodies, and saying no to alcohol, tobacco and harmful drugs.

Staff and Students will have theme days to help celebrate:

  • Monday: “Walls Elementary Students are Part of a Drug and alcohol Free Rainbow.”   Wear glittery, colorful clothing!
  • Tuesday:  “Hats on and Heads Up to Making Healthy Choices for Our Body!”   Wear a fun hat to and from school and during recess. (Hats during classes are at the teacher’s discretion.)
  • Wednesday:  “Stick together and don’t get tripped up on Alcohol, drugs, or making poor choices.” Dress like twins, triplets or wear whole class colors
  • Thursday:  “Walls Elementary Students Say Night Night to using Alcohol, tobacco, and harmful drugs.” Wear fun PJs to school.
  • Friday:  “Don’t Let Unhealthy Drugs, Alcohol, or Tobacco Trick You Because they’re Not a Treat!” Halloween parties: wear your costume.   See the back for details.


Additionally, red ribbons will be given to classroom teachers to pass out in homeroom. Several other activities will be planned during lunch and recess. Student Ambassadors have made colorful posters and will do daily announcements.

Mrs. Knuth and Mrs. Wise, School Counselors