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Ancient Egypt Test is Thursday, November 9.

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Here are a couple of great study tools!


Ancient Egypt Quizlet  

(You will eventually need a “B” or better on the “Test” portion of this Quizlet…You can do it early too!)

study mummy


Use the Egypt test prep to record evidence of your forced 40 minutes of study time.

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Let’s get mummified!

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We are talking about religion and government in ancient Egypt.  Go to the “Fun” category on my website and try the virtual mummification!

Special message to Scottie:  Hey!  Before you try the virtual mummification, use the online text and read pages 283-287.  Hope vacation is wonderful.

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Gift of the Nile Packet Due Tuesday, October 17

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Data Collection Project due Wednesday, October 11.

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The students are finding statistics on a country near where ancient Mesopotamia would be located today.  They have had two days to do research in class.  Tuesday they will have half of a day to finish the decoration.

Southwest Asia country recording sheet-1

Here are some useful links:


Fact Monster

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B or better on Mesopotamia Quizlet Test due October 4

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Be sure to follow the prep steps before you take your quiz.

meso quizlet directions

Use the link below to get to the Quizlet

Meso Quizlet

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