About Stanton

From left: Mrs. Scott, Mr. Horton, Mr. Hido

Principal: Anthony Horton (330) 676-8612

Assistant Principal: Kathy Scott (330) 676-8616

Dean of Students: Aaron Hido (330) 676-8623

Fax: 330-676-8605


Principal’s Secretary: Rachel Severn (330) 676-8611

Attendance Secretary: Kay Walker (330) 676-8601

Secretary/Treasurer: Tracy Shaffer (330) 676-8614

Counseling Secretary: Cathy Wirick (330) 676-8620 or 8621

Our Vision

We envision a school in which everyday, every child and every adult is respected, is eager to be there, and is engaged in active, meaningful, and productive work.

Our Mission

The Stanton staff is committed to promoting excellence by:

  • providing each child an opportunity to think and reason to the best of his/her ability.
  • engaging children in meaningful, creative, and productive work, such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and decision making.
  • developing productive and responsible citizens in our diverse and changing world by encouraging cooperation, flexibility, and inclusion.

Stanton Middle School Calendar

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1175 Hudson Rd.
Kent OH 44240