Girls Basketball Open Gym/Tryouts

Girls basketball open gym dates: Tuesday, October 23 3:00-4:00 and Thursday, October 25 3:00-4:00

8th grade tryouts: Monday, October 29 3:00-4:30; Wednesday, October 31 3:00-4:30; Friday, November 2 3:00-4:30

7th grade tryouts: Tuesday, October 30 3:00-4:30; Thursday, November 1 3:00-4:30; Friday November 2 3:00-4:30

Expectations for Students at After School Events

If you come to an after school activity or sporting event at Stanton or Roosevelt, you have to remain at the event until it is finished or until a parent picks you up to go home.  Students are not permitted to repeatedly come and go at after school events.  Violation of this request may result in losing the right to attend after school events and activities.

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