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October 27-31

Dear Parents,

Each year the Trailblazer team hosts a Veterans Day Celebration.  We provide breakfast and entertainment for local veterans. This year, November 11th falls on a Tuesday. We will have our ceremony in the Stanton Middle School auditeria from 8:00-9:30am.

The celebration will include students performing patriotic music and poetry, as well as serving breakfast to veterans and talking with them about their service to our country.

To make this event a success, we need your help. We need breakfast foods and drinks, paper plates, plastic silverware, napkins, and volunteers to monitor and serve food. All breakfast-related food and drink items are welcome donations.

A form was given to students to take home two weeks ago. If you are able to donate, please complete this form and send back with your student.

Thank you,

The Trailblazers



Language Arts:  Daily Reading Practice, update grade sheet.  Assessment on “Scarface”.Continue reading selections for Storyteller Unit and writing journals.

Math (1st Period):

Math (6th and 7th Periods): 


Social Studies: Update grade sheet.  Greek World Test


Language Arts: Daily Reading Practice.  Notes on Norse Myths, Introduce the Norse myth, “Beowulf”.  Begin reading together and discuss. Students need to be reading selections from unit and writing journals.

Math (1st Period):

Math (6th and 7th Periods): 


Social Studies:  Veterans Day Poem due. Preview ancient Rome. Begin Picture the Meaning: Roman Republic edition due Friday.


Language Arts: Daily Reading Practice, Review plot and setting.  Continue reading and discussing “Beowulf”. Students will finish reading and complete cartoon strip on “Beowulf’. due Friday..

Math  (1st Period):

Math (6th and 7th Periods):


Social Studies: Describe the geography of Italy and both the mythical and real beginnings of Rome. Read and complete notes. Cincinnatus Readers Theater.


Language Arts: Daily Reading Practice, review point of view.  Introduce Fairy Tales, Read aloud Fairy Tale, ” Real story of the Three Little Pigs”,  Begin reading together , Fitting of the Slipper and discuss.

Math (1st Period):

Math (6th  and 7th Periods):


Social Studies: Describe the three parts of the Roman republic’s government. Read text and complete notes. Class time for work on Picture the Meaning due Friday.


Language Arts:  .

Math (1st Period):  Daily Reading Practice.  Continue reading and discussing, “Fitting of the Slipper”, Finish for homework.  “Beowulf” cartoon strip due.

Math(6th and 7th Periods) :


Social Studies:

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