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September 20-24


  • Literature: UP dated grade sheet, Daily Reading Practice , Storyteller’s Information
  • Language Arts: Nouns workshett due. Return graded work and update grade sheet. Journal 15. Use specific nouns to make writing more precise. Worked on in-class examples and on Precise Nouns worksheet.
  •  Science- Returned quiz and checked over. Introduced animal interactions project. Periods 3,8,9 completed sample count activity
  • Social Studies 
    • Math
    • period 1:
    • period 2: test tomorrow
    • period 3,8,9:  add, sub, mult decimals WS 
  • Mrs. Schumann:
  • Literature:  Finishing Diagnostic Assessment, No homework
  • Math:  Long Multiplication and Place Value Quiz, No homework
  • Language Arts: Daily Writing Practice, No homework (Perfect Day Rough Drafts due for period 9)



  • Literature:  DRP#1 Read and discuss “Twelve Labors of Heracles”, characteristics of a hero.
  • Language Arts: Journal 16. Define elements of a short story. Take notes on vocabulary sheet. Analyze a short story for its elements.  Complete story map for “Papa’s Parrot”.
  • Science- Periods 1 & 2 worked in the media center on animal interactions project. Periods 3,8,9 had it introduced.
  • Social Studies  
  • Math
  • period 1
  • period 2: test today
  • period 3,8,9:  # search – rows 1-6, columns 1-8   QUIZ Thursday
  • Mrs. Schumann:
  • Literature: Notes on Oral Tradition, Review Storyteller’s Unit, no homework
  • Math: Notes on Long Division, No homework
  • Language Arts:  Peer editing Perfect Day essays, No homework


  • Literature: DRP#1 Wednesday’s, Continue reading “Twelve Labors of Heracles”.Quiz on Friday, “Active Reading  Tips.
  •  LanguageArts: Journal 17. Analyze a short story story for narrative writing elements continued. Finish and discuss story map for “Papa’s Parrot”. Begin examining characterization through discussion of “Papa’s Parrot”.
  •  Science-  All science classes worked in the media center on the animal interactions project.
  • Social Studies  
  • Math
  • period 1
  • period 2:  2.1 WS
  • period 3,8,9:  finish # search puzzle  – quiz tomorrow (rounding and decimal ops)
  • Mrs. Schumann:
  • Literature: Begin discussing characteristics of a hero, no homework
  • Math:  Long Division notes continued, no homework
  • Language Arts: Write revised copies of Perfect Day essay, no homework



  • Literature:   Thursday’s DRP#1, Questions for “Heracles”, Workshop, Quiz on Active reading tips tomorrow.
  • Language Arts: Journal 18. Identify characterization techniques used by authors. Examine characterization in “Papa’s Parrot”. Using dialogue correctly with quotation marks, speaker tags, and proper paragraphing. 
  • Science-
  • Social Studies  
  • Math
  • period 1
  • period 2:   2.2 WS
  • period 3,8,9:  QUIZ today  –  maze challenge
  • Mrs. Schumann:
  • Literature: Begin reading Heracles, no homework
  • Math: Long Division Notes
  • Language Arts: Finish writing revised copies, homework (if not finished in class)


  • Literature: Quiz on ACtive Reading Tips,  Storyteller’s Workshop
  • Language Arts: (Did not meet with first period due to Cultural Odyssey interdisciplinary unit work.) Journal 19. Practiced writing dialogue with correct paragraphing, quotation marks, and speaker tags. Assignment: Dialogue Worksheet due Monday.
  •  Science- 
  • Social Studies
  • Math
  • period 1: 
  • period 2: 2.3 WS
  • period 3,8,9:  fraction review WS
  • Mrs. Schumann:
  • Literature:  Read Heracles, no homework
  • Math: Long Division game,
  • Language Arts:  Begin writing final copies, no homework
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