Legacy in the News! Friday, September 15, 2017

Greetings Legacy Families,

We are working on the following:

MATH: Individual Chapter I Test will be this Tuesday. Students will be taking a portion of it on Edulastic and the other portion on paper and pencil.

LANGUAGE ARTS: Author’s Purpose. Welcome to Ms. Sabah Farsi from Saudi Arabia; she is a KSU visiting National Teacher Scholar. She will be observing and teaching in Miss Canter’s classes until November of this year.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Classifying and Comparing regions. The students will be creating Google Slide Presentations next week.

SCIENCE: Mineral Properties/Labs. Vocab Quiz on Tuesday. The students have flashcards to study. We will learn about Rocks and Rock Cycle next week.

Interim grades will be loaded and sent home next Friday 9-22-17.
Please check Progress Book Weekly to stay on top of your child’s grades.
Legacy Leader Program: Ask your child how they are doing with their marks and grades? Reminder: Students can not earn no more than 10 marks or receive grades lower than a “C” to earn the party. Suspensions exclude the student from the party. All parents had to sign contracts to show understanding of program for your child to earn party as well.
All t-shirts were distributed – Thank you to all who purchased a shirt 🙂

Enjoy this summer weekend!
Go Tribe!
The Legacy Team