Legacy in the News! Friday, September 1, 2017

Greetings Legacy Families,

We are working on the following:

MATH: Writing Numerical Expressions – We will finish up Chapter 1 next week.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Five themes of Geography. How Latitude affects climate.

SCIENCE: We completed a mini unit on Scientific Method – we took a Quiz today. We will start a unit on Rocks and Minerals next week.

Language Arts: Informational Text Features

OTHER: Please send in a paper bag or stretchy book cover – make book covers for Math Books.
We could also use donations of stickers for Science Scrapbooks 🙂
Reminder: Turn in signed Legacy Leader Contracts.
Students can not earn more than 10 Legacy marks and can not earn grades lower than “C” for the grading period to attend the Legacy Party.

Enjoy the long Labor day weekend!

The Legacy Teachers