Legacy in the News! Friday, April 28th, 2017

Greetings Legacy Families,

We are working on the following:

MATH: Creating Box and Whisker Plots.

Language Arts: Poetry Presentations.

Science: 5 Non-renewable Energy Sources- QUIZ – Wednesday

Social Studies: Market Pricing – Economic Lemonade Sale – Tuesday.
Donations of cups, gallon jugs of water,and straws are appreciated.

Legacy Leader Program – No more than 4 Legacy marks and grades above a “D” and no suspensions from office, to qualify for last day of school picnic at Plumcreek Park. Ask your child about how they are doing?

Interim Grades were sent home with your child TODAY>

Last Day of School – May 24th – trip to Plumcreek for those students who qualify. Bring a snack or dessert to share and a water bottle. Pizza will be ordered for lunch (teacher paid).
Permission slips will be sent home soon.

18 days of school left!

Have a good weekend!
The Legacy Teachers