Legacy in the News! Friday, April 21, 2017

Hello Legacy Families,

We are working on the following:

Math: Mean, Median, and Mode and different ways to display data.

Language Arts: Poetry Project and Pronoun Songs. Please bring in a container for the project, (Ex: cereal box, Kleenex box etc)

Social Studies: We will be starting a Economic Lemonade Stand Business Competition.
We are in need of donations: Gallon Jugs Water, Straws, 10 – 12 OZ – Clear Plastic Cups. If students bring in something, they get a discount on purchasing supplies.

Science: Starting a Energy Unit – Non-renewable.

Legacy Leaders – Letters were sent home today with students about the status of his/her marks; if your child has numerous marks.
No more than 4 marks, no suspensions to go on last day of school picnic.
We also had a TEAM meeting today with all the kids about end of the year behavior and academic expectations.

have a good weekend
Legacy Teachers