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Week of Sept.30th

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Monday-  More latitude and longitude practice. HW: latitude-longitude homework

Tuesday-  More Lat.& Long. practice.  Latitude and Longitude Quiz. Begin review of chp. 1 using on-line text.

Wednesday-  Latitude and Longitude Quiz.  Students work on review sheet for chp.1. HW: Finish chp1 review

Thursday-  Go over review sheet and then do whole class review activity. HW: Study for test

Friday-  Chapter 1 TEST along with latitude and longitude.


Week of September 23rd

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Monday- Students continue and finish Jobs in Geography ads. If not finished, finish for Homework

Tuesday-  Continue to finish Jobs in Geography ads.

Wednesday-  Students present Jobs in Geography ads. NO HW

Thursday-  Miss Frey counselor lesson all day.

Friday-  Discuss latitude and longitude with notes. NO HW.

Monday- More latitude and longitude practice.HW: latitude-longitude homework


Week of Sept.16th

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Monday-   Read and discuss what is Geography. HW: chp 1 section 1 wks.  Discuss geographers tools. Students do station work at each station.

Tuesday- Constitution Day activities and Continent/Ocean quiz

Wednesday-  Discuss 5 themes of geography.

Thursday-  Discuss branches of Geography and jobs in geography. HW: chp 1 section 3 vocb builder

Friday- Create a classified ad for a geographic job.   Jobs in Geography classified ad rubric

Monday- Finish classified ad in class.  If not finished in class finish for homework.


Week of Sept. 9th

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Monday-  Students finish Eastern World book scavenger hunt.  We will go over in class.

Tuesday-  Go to Mac lab and begin Create a book mark project:  following rubric. See book_mark project.  I will supply the book marks.

Wednesday-  Continue book mark project in lab.  HW: Finish book marks if not finished.

Thursday-  Present book marks to class going over the information needed.

Friday-  Introduce LINCS vocabulary strategy and do practice in class.