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Week of Sept. 2nd

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Monday-  NO SCHOOL

Tuesday-  Create class rules and seating charts with students. Pass out “How you live survey and students begin work.  Due on Thursday. 

Wednesday-  Tutorial on on-line textbook and blog page. Example of pulling up homework sheet: chp 21 section 2 wks

Thursday-  Book Scavenger hunt.  Go over surveys.

Friday-   Pre- Quiz on continents and oceans.


Incredibles T-Shirt order Form.

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Below is  a link to our team T-shirt order.  We encourage everyone to buy a team t-shirt. Parents and siblings may purchase as well.  We will wear these shirts on special days here at Stanton and on field trips that we take.

Incredibles t shirt order


Week of August 26th

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Wednesday- 1st day of School; going over expectations and familiarizing with school.

Thursday- Discuss agenda planners and meet with core teachers for 1st time.

Friday-  Regular schedule; Get to know teacher/student activities. Students complete 1st week worksheet.  HMWK; parents complete letters (Parent letter) to me.  Parents, you may email me the letter as well. Students should have brought home a sheet explaining the letter.

**Its been great getting to know all of the students and I am looking

forward to a wonderful year!