Archive | October 2015

10/26 – 10/30

Monday – Presented the “Think Different” Posters, Mindfulness/Meditation technique #3

Tuesday – STAR Reading Test

Wednesday – Introduction to text structure/organization, identifying text structures/organization with partners

Thursday – Text structure/organization worksheet

Friday – Write 7 paragraphs (One paragraph about yourself, written as each type of text structure/organization) – Due Monday.

10/19 – 10/23

Monday – Introduction to Text Features, Textbook scavenger hunt

Tuesday – Finding and using text features – pages 68-73 in Treasures textbook

Wednesday – Finding and using text features – pages 304-310 in Treasures textbook

Thursday – Using text features to create a “Think Different” Poster (due Monday)

Friday – “Think Different” Poster (due Monday)

10/12 -10/16

Monday – Inference packet

Tuesday – Discussed and went over answers to inference packet, introduction to stress reduction/ mindfulness strategies (deep breathing)

Wednesday – Inference assessment, no homework

Thursday – Stress Reduction/ Mindfulness Strategy #2, no homework

Friday – Early Release Day, End of the Grading Period Party 🙂

10/5 -10/9

Monday – Storybird Presentations

Tuesday – Storybird Presentations

Wednesday – Storybird Presentations, Inference Introduction – Encyclopedia Brown Minute Mysteries

Thursday – Inference Lesson using The Mysteries of Harris Burdick, complete the inference graphic organizer, choose one inference writing assignment to work on today and tomorrow

Friday – Complete Inference Story (or Conspiracy Theory – 7th period), Page with Illustration, or Plot Diagram