Archive | October 2014

10/27 – 10/31

Monday – Read chapters 5-6,  Define Week 2 Vocabulary words (Quiz Friday), Reader Response Questions for chapters 5 & 6,  Literary Task Analysis #1 (due tomorrow)

Tuesday – Read chapter 7, Complete Ch.7 Reader Response Questions, DVP: synonyms and antonyms

Wednesday – Read chapter 8, Complete Ch.8 Reader Response Questions, DVP: write an original sentence for each Week 2 vocabulary word, study for quiz

Thursday – Character Sketch Worksheet, DVP: Affixes and Picture Hints, Study for quiz tomorrow

Friday – Quiz on Week 2 Vocabulary Words

10/20/14 – 10/24/14

Monday – Define Week 1 vocabulary words (5 words total), Read chapters 1-2, Reader Response questions for 1-2, Quiz Friday on Week 1 vocabulary words

Tuesday – Chapter 1-2 on Graphic Organizer, Read Ch.3, Reader Response questions for Ch.3, Daily Vocabulary Practice: write 2 antonyms and 2 synonyms for week 1 vocabulary words

Wednesday – Daily Vocabulary Practice: write an original sentence for each of the week 1 vocabulary words, finish Ch. 3-4 on graphic organizer, Ch.4 Reader Response Questions, Study for Friday’s vocabulary quiz

Thursday – Finish vocabulary packet,  Literary Task Analysis #1 (due Tuesday), Vocabulary Quiz #1 is tomorrow.

Friday – Quiz  on Week 1 vocabulary words, Work on  Literary Task Analysis #1 (due Tuesday)

10/13 – 10/17

Monday – Mrs. Slater’s guidance lesson

Tuesday – Read “Boy’s Life” and answered questions 1-3 , Introduced testing skills: finding “key words/phrases” and A.C.E. extended response strategy.

Wednesday – Went over questions from yesterday. Read the next story in the packet and complete questions 4-7.

Thursday – Co-teaching with Mrs. White:  Read Terrible Things , introduction videos/background information for Number the Stars, Silent “Courage” conversations

Friday – Handed out Number the Stars books and packets for the entire unit

10/6 – 10/10

Monday – Storybird Revising Packet – due Wednesday , Storybirds due on Thursday!

Tuesday – Revising/ finalizing Storybirds

Wednesday – Finishing Storybirds

Thursday – Storybird Presentations

Friday – Storybird Presentations

9/29 – 10/3

Monday – Introduction to Storybird Narrative Assignment, complete 2 graphic organizers: Plot Diagram and Character Analysis Chart (Prewriting)

Tuesday – Work on writing Storybird rough draft

Wednesday – Practice Dialogue (shortened classes – school assembly)

Thursday – Storybird Rough Draft

Friday – Storybird Rough Draft and Editing Sheet