Archive | September 2014

9/22 – 9/26

Monday – Read “Beyond the Twilight Zone” and completed a plot diagram and character analysis sheet on it.

Tuesday – Sensory Details – Gross Out Competition, No homework

Wednesday – Show, Don’t Tell Writing Strategy for Sensory Details, finish graphic organizer

Thursday – Show, Don’t Tell Practice with SMURF novels

Friday – Introduction to Point of View

9/15 – 9/19

Monday – Online Internet Safety Video, Prefix/Root Word/Suffix Test moved to tomorrow. Keep studying!

Tuesday – Prefix/Root Word/Suffix Test, no homework

Wednesday – Introduction to Plot, PowerPoint, Pixar Short Films with Plot Diagrams, no homework

Thursday – Completed our Plot Packet using Pixar Short Films: Presto & One Man Band

Friday – Character Analysis with picture books, Finish character analysis charts

9/8 – 9/12

Monday – Secret Code Worksheet.  Study Prefixes, Root Words, Suffixes – Test next Monday

Tuesday – Word Dissection, Study for Monday’s Test

Wednesday – Silly Words Puzzle Pieces and Word Dissection, Study for Monday’s Test

Thursday – Silly Words Guessing Game, Study for Monday’s Test

Friday – Review game – Study for Monday’s test on prefixes, root words, and suffixes

9/2 – 9/5

Monday – no school 🙂

Tuesday – “Where I’m From” Poem due tomorrow.

Wednesday – Bring your S.M.U.R.F. book every day to class!

Thursday – Started our Word Study Unit – began creating our Flip books.

Friday – Finished setting up our Flip books. Study the prefixes and their definitions this weekend.