Archive | May 2013

5/20 -5/24

Monday – Finish final draft and bibliography (both due tomorrow), work on research paper poster (poster due Wednesday )

Tuesday – Final STARS testing

Wednesday – Research Poster Presentations

Thursday – SBA #3

Friday – SBA #3

5/13 – 5/17

Monday – Continue typing your research paper.

Tuesday – Finish typing your rough draft of your research paper.

Wednesday – Edit/revise your research paper.

Thursday – Finish your final copy of your research paper.

Friday – Begin writing your bibliography page.  (Final draft and bibliography due Tuesday.)

5/6 – 5/10

Monday – Begin researching your topic (keep track of all your sources).

Tuesday – Continue researching your topic (keep track of all your sources).

Wednesday – Finish researching your topic (keep track of all your sources).

Thursday – Begin typing your research paper.

Friday – Keep typing your research paper.

4/29 – 5/3

Monday – Reading OAA, watched “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne

Tuesday – finished watching  “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, gratitude list

Wednesday – Math OAA, blank check activity

Thursday – Vision Boards

Friday – Think of a research topic and formulate 5-10 questions about your potential topic. Topics will be approved Monday.