Archive | January 2013

1/28 – 2/1

Monday – Cause and Effect, practice worksheet due tomorrow, Cause and Effect Chart (in place of SQUIRT Journal) due Friday

*Symbols, Patterns & Themes assessment handed back today. Corrections are due this Wednesday if any student wants to improve his/her grade.*

Tuesday – Reviewed Fact & Opinion, Introduction to Persuasive Unit and Propaganda Techniques

Wednesday – Identified propaganda techniques in commercials, keep studying propaganda techniques, Cause & Effect chart due Friday (in place of SQUIRT journal #1 for the 3rd grading period)

Thursday – Analyzing propaganda in magazines and newspapers, find an advertisement and complete both sides of propaganda worksheet, keep studying propaganda techniques – Quiz Monday, Cause & Effect chart due tomorrow (in place of SQUIRT journal #1 for the 3rd grading period)

Friday – Create a new advertisement assignment – due Monday, keep studying propaganda techniques – Quiz Monday

1/21 – 1/25

Monday – no school! MLK Day!

Tuesday – no school! Snow Day!

Wednesday – Author’s Purpose Group Writing Activity

Thursday – Author’s Purpose Assessment

Friday – Introduced new novels for SQUIRT Reading, no homework

1/14 – 1/18

Monday – Introduction to Theme, Read One  by Kathryn Otoshi, Keep reading your SQUIRT book!

Tuesday – Finding themes in children’s books (group work), Study symbols, patterns and themes, keep reading your SQUIRT book! My grades close tomorrow!

Wednesday – Practiced finding symbols, patterns and themes in poetry as a class; Assessment on Symbols, Patterns and Themes

Thursday – Author’s purpose packet

Friday – End of the Grading Period Party, Early Release Day!

1/7 – 1/11

Monday – Stars Reading Test,  SQUIRT Reading

Tuesday – Symbolism in literature, hw: Color Poem

Wednesday – Finding Symbolism in Poetry

Thursday- Analyzing 2 poems, pgs. 588-589 #1& #2 and add on the following question for #3: Write one example of symbolism used in one of the poems. Then, explain what you think it means.

Friday – Patterns in Poetry Worksheet