Archive | October 2012

10/29 – 11/2

Monday – Revise dialogue packet, Start prewriting for our mini- narrative assessment (complete both graphic organizers for tomorrow!)

Tuesday –  keep reading your SQUIRT novel

Wednesday – Read One Scary Night, write a narrative to this story and find the parts of plot in your story, keep reading your SQUIRT novel

Thursday – group work with wordless picture books, keep reading your SQUIRT novel

Friday – End of the grading period party, keep reading your SQUIRT novel

10/22 – 10/26

Monday – Introduction to character traits, Read My Lucky Day by: Keiko Kasza, Assignment: filll out a character trait paper about you! 🙂

Tuesday – Watched 4 PIXAR short films and filled out a character analysis chart for each film, providing evidence for each character trait. Keep reading your SQUIRT novel!

Wednesday – Finish plot/character trait chart with your SQUIRT novel

*Students with a “D” or an “F” were given a progress/missing assignment report today that needs to be signed by a parent/guardian and returned to me by tomorrow.* Grades close this Friday for the first grading period.

Thursday – Dialogue notes, practiced writing dialogue with our Writer’s Craft books, keep reading your SQUIRT novels.

Friday – Dialogue packet, Have a nice weekend 🙂

10/15 – 10/19

Monday – Storybird due Wednesday, SQUIRT Journal #5 due Friday

Tuesday – Presented finished Storybirds, keep working on journal #6 and reading your SQUIRT novel

Wednesday – Finished presenting Storybirds, Point of View Reading assessment, keep working on journal #6 and reading your SQUIRT novel

Thursday – Introduced plot, read The Incredible Book Eating Boy by: Oliver Jeffers, plot diagram with partners, HW: journal entry #6 due tomorrow!

Friday – Read The Three Horrid Little Pigs as a class and did another plot chart together. HW: finish filling out the plot boxes on either your SQUIRT book or a choice read. Do not fill out the character trait section yet. We will fill that out next week. Have a great weekend! 🙂

*ALL students with missing assignments in language arts were given another extra copy of every assignment they are missing for my class. All missing assignments are due to me by Tuesday (10/23/12). *

10/8 – 10/12

Monday- Finding Point of View in your SQUIRT novel, no journal this week.

Tuesday – Introduced Storybird (Point of View) assignment

Wednesday – Keep working on your Storybird assignment

Thursday – Early Release Day! Keep working on your Storybird assignment

Friday – No School! 🙂

10/1 – 10/5

Monday – “Show, Don’t Tell” Writing Strategy for Sensory Details, Keep reading your SQUIRT book. No journal entry this week. Word Study Quiz Retake is today. Any students is allowed to retake the quiz for a better grade!

Tuesday – “Writing with Sensory Details” worksheet, Keep reading SQUIRT Reading book

Wednesday – “Rewrite a Passage Using Sensory Details” worksheet for your SQUIRT Novel

Thursday – Keep reading your SQUIRT novel

Friday – Introduced Different Points of View, Group Work,  Keep reading your SQUIRT novel!