Archive | December 2011

12/12 – 12/16

Monday – Choose an ad from a magazine and complete both sides of the worksheet. Study for Propaganda Techniques Quiz (Wednesday)!

Tuesday – Create a “new ad” on the same product from the ad you chose yesterday and answer the questions on the worksheet that goes with your new ad. Study for Propaganda Techniques Quiz (tomorrow)!

Wednesday – Propaganda Techniques QUIZ!  Choose a topic for your persuasive paper. Fill out the back of the topic paper.

Thursday – outline rough draft of persuasive paper

Friday – Bowling Field Trip!!! Enjoy your holiday break 🙂

12/5 – 12/9

Monday – Presented Storybirds, no homework

Tuesday – Point of View Assessment, Fact and Opinion practice, no homework

Wednesday – Point of View: practiced writing extended response questions, no homework

Thursday – study propaganda techniques, notecards

Friday – study propaganda techniques