Archive | February 2011

2/28 – 3/4

Monday – KSU Wick Poetry Professors/Students Introduction Lesson, no hw

Tuesday – Introduction to text features – Used Literature Book, pgs. 68-73, to answer questions on worksheet, Bring your Social Studies book to lang/lit class tomorrow!

*Optional: Write a recommendation letter for Miss Griffin, due Friday*

Wednesday – Finish “Text Feature Search/Scavenger Hunt” with your Social Studies book.

Thursday – “Extreme Makeover: Textbook Edition!” – due Tuesday.

Friday – “Extreme Makeover: Textbook Edition!” – due Tuesday.  Diagram assignment due Wednesday!

2/21 – 2/25

Monday – No School! President’s Day 🙂

Tuesday – Make corrections on comic strips. Study Prefixes and Suffixes – Quiz Thursday!!!

Wednesday –  Finish “All About Me” Wkst., Comic Strip Corrections Due Tomorrow! Study Prefixes & Suffixes –  Quiz Tomorrow!!!

Thursday – Quiz on Prefixes and Suffixes!  Comic Strip Corrections Due Today!

Friday – Early Release Day! Miss Giffin’s Last Day in Lang/Lit 🙁

2/14 – 2/18

Monday –  Work on comic strip, due this Friday!







Tuesday – Began learning about Adverbs. HW = Continue working on Comic Strip 

Wednesday – Worked on “Amazing Adverbs, Cool Conjunctions, and Intense Interjections” assignment. Finish for homework if didn’t complete in class. Continue working on Comic Strip.

Thursday – Began learning about adjectives. HW = Finish “My Favorite Thing” poster and finish comic strip. Both due tomorrow!

Friday –  Comic Strip Due!!!  NO SCHOOL MONDAY for President’s Day! 🙂 NO HW 🙂

2/7 – 2/11

Monday – Finish “Celebrity Chit Chat” Worksheet (Conjunctions and Interjections)

Tuesday – Reviewed Prepositions, Conjunctions & Interjections. Introduction to Action and Linking Verbs. No HW 🙂

Wednesday – Reviewed Action and Linking Verbs. Introduction to Transitive Verbs. No HW 🙂

Thursday – “Ketch-up” Day! Reviewed Prepositions, Conjunctions, Interjections, Action Verbs, Linking Verbs, and Transitive Verbs at “Ketch-up” stations. HW = Work on Verb Comic Strip (Due Friday 2/18).

Friday – Continue working on comic strip 🙂