11/29 – 12/3

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Monday – study guide for Hatchet

*All missing assignments are due tomorrow. Anything not turned in by tomorrow will be a zero.*

Tuesday –  Hatchet Test (Bring Hatchet  book to class)

Wednesday – Hatchet Test (Bring Hatchet  book to class)

Thursday – Hatchet movie

Friday – Hatchet movie

11/22 – 11/26

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Monday – Read the story Thank You Sarah: The Woman who Saved Thanksgivingby Laurie Halse Anderson, HW: Hatchet Song/Soundtrack Wkst.

Tuesday – Thanksgiving Break!

Wednesday – Thanksgiving Break!

Thursday – Thanksgiving Break!

Friday – Thanksgiving Break!

11/15 – 11/19

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Monday – create 10 questions about Hatchet and give the correct answers to your questions

Tuesday – finish reading Hatchet, study for setting quiz- (choose a setting from the book and explain why it is important to the story)

Wednesday – theme paper, study for setting quiz (Friday)

*Bring money for Stanton’s Book Fair if you are interested in buying any books. The Book Fair will run this week and next week during Parent – Teacher Conferences.*

Thursday – plot diagram

Friday – *quiz* on setting,  major and minor events chart & questions

11/8 – 11/12

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Monday –  read a simile book as a class, hw: survival poem

Tuesday – figurative language study guide packet, quiz Friday

Wednesday – read chapters 13 & 14

Thursday – characterization chart, study for figurative language quiz

Friday – Quiz on figurative language, complete questions on chapters 13 & 14 and read ch.15 & 16 (reading assignment not due until Tuesday), Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

11/1 – 11/5

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Monday – Shared personificaiton writing, HW: Read chapters 9 & 10 in Hatchet

Tuesday – No School 🙂 Inservice Day

Wednesday – HW: Figurative Language Packet (Alliteration, Onomatopoeia, Repetition and Hyperbole)

Thursday – ch. 9 & 10 questions, discussed yesterday’s hw, figurative language continued (puns) HW: draw a pun of your choice 🙂

Friday –  read chapters 11 & 12