Archive | September 2010

9/27 – 10/1

Monday –  Work on Noun Pattern Book – due Wednesday

Tuesday –  Work on Noun Pattern Book – due Wednesday, Sentence Packet – due Friday

Wednesday – gallery walk of Noun Pattern Books and stress reduction/ reduction of test anxiety techniques and strategies – No HW, sentence packet due Friday

Thursday – sentence packet  and pronoun worksheet due tomorrow

Friday – pronoun poem/song due next Thursday

9/20 – 9/24

Monday – finish typing final – due Wednesday

Tuesday –  narrative packet due tomorrow (outline, rough draft, peer editing packet and final)

Wednesday – noun list and sentence packet due tomorrow

Thursday –  pick a pattern for your noun pattern book, no HW – all missing work due tomorrow

Friday – started working on noun pattern books, no HW, noun pattern books due next Wednesday.

9/13 – 9/17

Monday – typed out rough draft of personal narrative, no HW

Tuesday – continued typing rough draft of personal narrative, no HW

Wednesday – continued typing rough draft and started editing and revising,

HW – look for your favorite quote from any source and write it down to bring to class by Friday

Thursday – worked on editing/revising and typing final, no HW

Friday – worked on editing/revising and typing final, HW: types of sentences wkst.

9/7 – 9/10

Monday –  No school 🙂 Labor Day!

Tuesday – “Show, Don’t Tell” writing strategy, no HW

Wednesday – Writing Lead Sentences/ “Beat the Author” game, no HW

Thursday –  Choose your topic for our first personal narrative and complete both sides of the outline for the rough draft – due tomorrow

Friday – Began typing rough draft, no hw

8/30/10 – 9/3/10

Monday – Introduction to prewriting. Homework: bring in memory bag with 5 items that represent your memories

Tuesday – Gallery walk. No homework.

Wednesday – Cinquain poem/Writing from the Heart and Personal Writing Crest

Thursday – “Where I’m From” Poem

Friday – Writing with Sensory Details worksheet