Dear Students, Parents, and Friends of Roosevelt High School,

As we approach the final grading period of the semester, I want to thank our students for their continued efforts to further their success.  Many of our students participated in the Ohio State Testing and all of our juniors took the ACT test.  The winter musical was fantastic and our musicians had many great performances.  Our student athletes participated in an exciting winter sports season and now many students are preparing for spring sports.  Hopefully, all were able to enjoy a much deserved, relaxing spring break.

We are very proud of our cheerleaders for being first runner up-at State.  We are not surprised by their success which is earned through an enormous amount of hard work, determination, and commitment.  Lead by our senior cheerleaders, Emmalee Combs-Bennett, Mimi Freeman, Isabella Kreiner, Emily Lenzo, Abigail Madej, and Tajah Wright our cheerleaders accomplish so much for our school.  Not only do they support our athletes and sports programs, but they invest countless hours in strengthening school spirit.  Their coach, Renee Manning, serves as an incredible role model for her athletes.

We have been administering the Ohio State Tests since mid-March and will continue to test throughout April.  We are committed to providing the best possible testing environment for our students and feel confident that they will do well.

The feeling and momentum of spring is building as prom and graduation are fast approaching.   We want to encourage our students to enjoy this very exciting time, but to please act responsibly.  On April 18th, our senior class will join many area high school students at Hiram College for a None for Under 21 program.  This program focuses on the dangers of driving under the influence.   Please be mindful of the message.

Listed below are some of the important dates during April:

April 22:        Kent Area Chamber of Commerce and TRHS DECA                                     Community Expo – 10:00 a.m.

April 27:        Interim Grade Reports Distributed

April 29:        Junior-Senior Prom at TRHS – 7:30 p.m. – 12:00 p.m.

            Thank you for your continued support and dedication.


            Dennis Love