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National Merit Scholarship Qualifiers

The National Merit Scholarship Program is an annual academic competition for recognition and potential college undergraduate Scholarships.  The goal of this program is to identify and honor exceptionally able students and encourage them to pursue rigorous college studies.  The competition is open to all U. S. high school students.

This year, Theodore Roosevelt High School is home to three NMSQT Semifinalists.  They are:

Mengyu Lu is a Semifinalist.  His parents are Jane Gao and Youn Lu.

Nathan Mudrak is a Semifinalist. His Mother is Pam Mudrak.

Abigail Pease is a Semifinalist. Her parents are Elizabeth and Dale Pease.

Each of these students will move on in the competition and apply to become a Finalist.

In addition to the Semifinalists, we are pleased to announce four Commended Students.  They are:

Jacob Brawley is a Commended Student.  His parents are Abigail Edgell and Thomas Brawley

Maya Niesz Kutsch is a Commended Student.  Her parents are Tricia Niesz and Victor Kutsch.

Owen Pazderak is a Commended Student.  His parents are Susan Louis and Matthew Pazderak.

Lee Phillips is a Commended Student.  His parents are Ruth and Alan Phillips.

In the photo left to right 
Back Row: Abigail Pease (SemiFinalist), Jacob Brawley (Commended Student), Lee Phillips (Commended Student), Owen Pazderak (Commended Student)
Front Row: Maya Niesz Kutsch (Commended Student) Mengyu Lu (SemiFinalist)
not pictured: Nathan Mudrak

CNC Training Center

Akron CNC Training Center offers a 4 Month Certificate Program to become a CNC Machinist.  It’s in high demand with 1100 local CNC machining companies. There are more jobs available than graduates. Classes starting now.  This is a low cost education with high, fast placement!

Follow the following links to learn more about this exciting program. 

CNC Training Center 1

CNC Training Center 2

Akron CNC Training Center

Seniors Did you miss the Assembly

Seniors, if you have missed the first Senior Assembly for the year, never fear.  You can get the power point shown in the link below.  Also, there are handouts and forms in the counseling office. Please if you have any questions stop in  and set a time to talk with Mr. Carlton.   Getting the information and staying in the know will help make for a wonderful senior year.  Go Rough Riders!

Assembly presentation

Specific University Scholarships

Are you interested in University of Virginia or Davidson, NC? 

If you are interested in attending the University of Virginia, please see Mr. Carlton for information on scholarships specific to that school. 

Also if you are interested in Davidson in North Carolina and play sports, please see Mr. Carlton for information on scholarships specific to that school .

College Visits

Be sure to check out the schools that are coming to visit at TRHS!

There are many representative signed up already.  You can find a list of the them on this website a link to your left,  out side the Counseling office, and listen to the announcements for more information.  Check out  potential schools for your future.  

ACT for 11th Graders

February 27th is the mandated ACT test for the 11th graders.  There has been a letter sent to every student with all dates, times and locations of where they will be testing.  If a student needs their testing location, it is printed outside the guidance office.   Also, each student will receive a testing ticket telling where they will be testing.

The students for each location will be called separately on the announcements.  NEOnet students will be called first at 7:45.  Once they are loaded on the bus, Stanton students will be called down.  Once they leave the building, then the BOE students will be called.

There will be a 9th period lunch open for all students returning from Stanton.  They will be able to buy or they can pack.  They are expected to be in 10th period class.