Mandatory Graduation Practice Class of 2018

Well Seniors, the time has come to get your recognition for the last thirteen years of your school life.  All the grades, projects, home work, fun, co-curricular activities and so much more have compiled to this moment.  If you plan to walk across the stage for graduation.  You must attend a mandatory graduation practice.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
The practice is Thursday, May 17th. Arrangements have been made for you to be bused from the high school at 11:00 a. m. It is at the MAC Center.   (Just like every other field trip, you will come to school and ride the bus.) You will be bused back to school when you are finished.  

  “Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened.” 

Congressman Jim Renacci -Military Service Academy Day

Military Service Academy Day                       2018 Academy Day Flyer

  • Saturday, April 14, 2018
  • 10:00  am – 12:00 pm 

Akron General Health and Wellness Center

  • Information session for students, parents, counselors, and educators
  • Receive information on the Service Academies
  • learn about the nomination process of participating Congressional Offices
  • Obtain pointers to best position yourself for an academy nomination

More information:  



ACAD Brochure

Summer Camp Information

University of Toledo  – Summer Experience       Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science Camp 

Boston University – a variety of camps available

Ohio University – College of Business

Kettering University – Lives improve through Engineering 

Oberlin Conservatory –

Adelphi University – Pre-College Program

Northfield Mount Hermon – Summer Session 

Harvard – Summer Institute and College Admissions

Dayton University –   Summer Honors Engin    Women in Engin Summer Minority Engineer and Tech Enrich  

Miami University –

ACT for 11th Graders

February 27th is the mandated ACT test for the 11th graders.  There has been a letter sent to every student with all dates, times and locations of where they will be testing.  If a student needs their testing location, it is printed outside the guidance office.   Also, each student will receive a testing ticket telling where they will be testing.

The students for each location will be called separately on the announcements.  NEOnet students will be called first at 7:45.  Once they are loaded on the bus, Stanton students will be called down.  Once they leave the building, then the BOE students will be called.

There will be a 9th period lunch open for all students returning from Stanton.  They will be able to buy or they can pack.  They are expected to be in 10th period class.

Juniors ACT pre-registration meeting

Juniors, in preparation for the ACT test, there will be a mandatory pre-registration meeting. If your last name begins A-K you will be staying on the Wednesday, February 14th.  If your last name begins with L-Z you will be staying on Wednesday, February 21st.  These meetings will be from 10th period at 1:15 pm through 2:29 pm dismissal.  It is very important that you attend. Please plan accordingly.