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SECTION 1: Preparation for a Career in Education

Section 1.1 Essay  Evidencing My Competency in Academics and Meeting Personal Obligations

Section 1.2 Essay  Evidencing My Knowledge and Skills in Technology

Section 1.3 essay  Planning for My Career in Education

Section 1.4 essay[1]  Describing Responsibility and Accountability Within Educational Systems

Section 1.5 Essay  Demonstrating Effective Communication


SECTION 2: Organizing Content Knowledge for Student Learning

Section 2.1 essay  Becoming Familiar with relevant Aspects of Students’ Background Knowledge and Experiences

Section 2.2 essay  Articulating Clear Learning Goals for the Lessons that are Appropriate for the Students

Section 2.3 essay Demonstrating an Understanding of the Connections among the Content that was Learned Previously, the Current Content and the content that Remains to Be Learned in the Future

Section 2.4 essay  Selecting Age-appropriate Teaching Methods, Learning Activities, and Instructional Materials and resources that are Aligned with the Goals and the Objectives of the Lesson.

Section 2.5 essay  Selecting Evaluation Strategies that are Appropriate for the Students and that are Aligned with Goals of the Lesson


SECTION 3:  Creating an Environment for Student Learning

Section 3.1  Creating a Climate that Promotes Fairness

Section 3.2  Establishing and Maintaining Rapport with Students

Section 3.3  Communicating Challenging Learning Expectations to Each Student

Section 3.4  Establishing and Maintaining Consistent Standards of Classroom Behavior

Section 3.5  Making the Physical Environment as Safe and Conducive to Learning as Possible


SECTION 4:  Teaching for Student Learning

Section 4.1 essay  Making Learning Goals and Instructional Procedures Clear to Students

Section 4.2 essay  Making Content Comprehensible to Students

Section 4.3 essay  Encouraging Students to Extend their Thinking

Section 4.4 essay[1]  Monitoring Students’ Understanding of Content through a Variety of Means, Providing Feedback to Students to Assist Learning, Adjusting Learning Activities as the Situation Demands

Section 4.5 essay  Using Instructional Time Effectively


SECTION 5:  Teacher Professionalism

Section 5.1 essay  Reflecting on the Extent to Which the Learning Goals Were Met

Section 5.2 essay  Demonstrating a Sense of Efficacy

Section 5.3 essay  Building Professional Relationships with Colleagues to Share Teaching Insights and to Coordinate Learning Activities for Students

Section 5.4 essay  Communicating with Parents or Guardians about Student Learning



Above Materials Compiled from NEOCC – Teaching Professions’ Instructors