Teaching Professions

Located at Roosevelt High School, this two-year Career Program is offered for students in grades 10, 11 and 12 and includes two credits plus one credit for Advanced English.  THREE COLLEGE CREDITS ARE AVAILABLE UPON SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF  A TEACHING PORTFOLIO.

COURSE: Teaching Professions
GRADE LEVEL:  10, 11, 12
SCHOOL: Roosevelt
LENGTH:  Two years
CREDITS:  3 – at Kent: 2, plus one credit for Advanced English
Level I – Advanced English 1; Professional Theory 1 (in class coursework);  Work Based Learning 1 (field experience coursework)
Level II – Advanced English 1; Professional Theory 1 (in class coursework); Work Based Learning 1 (field experience coursework)
COLLEGE CREDIT:  Upon obtaining a qualifying portfolio score, 3 college credits are available at any university in the state of Ohio.
The Teaching Professions’ program is designed for students who are interested in a teaching, school administration, or guidance counseling career.  This career pathway will help students learn more about future career options, while their field experience and coursework provide a solid foundation for a successful teaching career.  Students will develop a professional portfolio that will summarize their field and classroom experiences.  Due to the high percentage of teachers approaching retirement age in the next 5 years, it is estimated that more than 2.5 million teachers will be needed in the U.S. and about 57,000 K-12 openings in Ohio.
Rhonda Butler
Instructor, Teaching Professions’ Program
Co-Coordinator Resident Educator Program (Year 3)
Master’s of Education:  Kent State University
Bachelor’s in Vocational Education:  Akron University