I am excited to be working with you and your children this year and next. We will be working on many exciting and intersting projects.

We will begin the year with our “Storyteller’s Unit in which we will read myths, fables,folk tales, and fairy tales. We will do this unit in conjunction with our “Cultural Odyssey” Unit. We will compare and contrast the different types of literature in this unit.

We will also study memoirs and create our own Memory Book. More information will be given at a later date.

Welcome to Mrs. Henry’s Seventh Grade Literature Class

November 19, 2010

We are in the middle of our Memory Book project.  The students have been busy drafting, editing and revising all their special pieces for their books.  We have read many memoirs together and I have shared several memoirs and character sketches with the students.  We will continue with the workshops to allow the students time to work on thier project and to receive help where needed.  The Memory Books are due on December 10th.  They may turn them in for extra credit on December 9th.  The books will be evaluated and returned to the students before Winter Break.  Books turned in after December 10th may not be returned before the break. The students are doing a wonderful job with thier books.  I know you will enjoy the final project as much as I enjoy reading thier books.