New Year 2010

Welcome back to literature class.  I hope everyone had a great break. Our students completed their Children’s Books and gave them to their Book Buddy on Friday before break.  The Second graders were delighted with their books and to spend some time with our eighth graders.  Our students did a wonderful job with their books.  I was very excited to watch them develop and I was very proud of the awesome job our students did. 

Now that we have fnished our Children’s Books it is time to move on to a new project.  In the middle of January we will begin reading and discussing Our Town .  We will be performing it in March.  (The date soon to follow.)  Hopefully our students have found a copy of the book.  I do have some books, so if you are having a difficult tme finding a copy please have your student let me know.  Students need to have their books by January 18th.