Mystery !!!!!

 October 13, 2009


The past several weeks the literature classes have been involved with the mystery book, And Then There Were None.   The students should be reading the chapters carefully and not just skimming them.  In order to understand this book students need to stop every few paragraphs and ask themselves questions about what they are reading.  They might also use post-it notes to write questions about something they don’t undertand.    I will be happy to have a conversation with any student who is reading and is confused about anything in the book.

 Students also have a vocabulary list of mystery words and they should be reviewing these on a regular basis.


The literature classes have been busy these last few weeks working on a variety of skills.  We work on Daily Reading skills every day.  The students have Help Notes in their binders that you can view at any time.  We will soon be starting a Mystery unit. Look for up-coming information .

Starting Monday, 9/14/09 the students are required to bring a chosen book to class with them to read for pleasure.   Please help your child choose appropriate reading material.