Gifted Education

Welcome to Gifted Education Services!

We appreciate your support of our faculty, staff and academic programs, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Listed below, you will find the names and contact information of Kent City Schools staff who work to provide our Gifted services. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns or would like more information.

Kent City Schools Philosophy for Providing Gifted Services

Our mission is to provide a depth and breadth of enrichment services and experiences that are aligned to our district’s curriculum. These experiences should be made available, and accessible to all identified gifted students in the Kent City School district

Justin Gates
Director of Student Services
(330) 676-7682

Gifted Intervention Specialists

Lindsay Potok 
Stanton Middle School
Dan Young
Longcoy Elementary

Chip Hawks
Davey Elementary
Holden Elementary
Walls Elementary