March 22nd, 2018

Week of March 19-23

Monday- 1) Complete Kid’s Discover worksheet (finish as HW), 2) Intro. Non-Fiction Book Project

Tuesday- Micro-Organism Research

Wednesday- Micro-Organism Research

Thursday- 1) Complete research, 2) Begin book creation



Week of March 12-16

Monday-  Cells Review, HW: Complete project, study for test

Tuesday-  1) Cells Test, 2) Slide Viewers

Wednesday-  Human Body Cell Diagram

Thursday-  1) Share projects, 2) KWL- Microorganisms, 3) Microbes Slide Show, HW: Body Cell Diagram

Friday-  Kid’s Discover Microbes- Article & worksheet



Week of March 5-9

Monday-  1) Cell Organelle cut & sort, 2) Quizlet Practice, 3) Project options

Tuesday-  1) Discuss project options, 2) Video: Tour of the Cell, 3) Cell Song, -Begin Project Planning

Wednesday-  Project Work Day *Due Tuesday, March 13th

Thursday-  Cells: The Story of Life (1. Partners read, 2) Article Quiz);                            HW: Complete quiz

Friday- Project work day






Week of February 28-March 2

Monday-   Cells are the Starting Point *Reading & notes;HW: Cell Parts & Functions    

Tuesday-  1) Review cell organelles, 2) Gizmo: Cell Structure;  HW: None    

Wednesday-  1) Complete/turn in Gizmo, 2) Videos & reflection (Google Classroom)  HW: Video reflection        

Thursday-  Cell Scavenger Hunt                                                                            







Week of February 20-23

Tuesday-  1) Finish Gizmo, 2) Begin Vocab. Scrapbook

Wednesday-  1) Physical/Chem. Change Quiz, 2) Complete Scrapbook

Thursday-  1) Binder cleanup, 2) Intro. to Cells, 3) Textbook Scavenger Hunt *Finish as HW

Friday-  1) Complete/review Scavenger Hunt, 2) Inherited Traits