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Thank you for a great school year! Have a safe, and productive summer!

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December 9th

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I am currently at Roosevelt High School learning how to make blogging more useful for me and my students.  I am eager to get some new ideas I can use every day!

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A few words about homework:

It is very common for a student to have nightly homework in math.  Homework is sometimes unfinished class work from the day, while other times it is practice of a skill we are using.  It is my expectation that students complete their homework so that they will be prepared for class the next day and have a foundation for our continued learning.

With that said, homework should not take a student a large amount of time to do. I try to be reasonable with what I assign based on the understanding of the students.  Homework can sometimes be challenging, but students should have the skills to complete their work.  If your child is spending what you feel is an unreasonable amount of time on their work or is not understanding what they are doing, please have them stop their work.  Students are never given negative consequences for not understanding!  Please indicate on their work the reason they did not complete the assignment so we can address any misconceptions in class.

Additionally, any homework or class assignment that  does not receive full credit for any reason can be corrected or completed for a higher grade.

As always, please contact me with any questions or concerns!


Mr. P

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