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Legacy in the News! Friday, August 17th, 2018

Greeting 6th grade Legacy families,

This is our weekly newsletter which will keep you informed of all that is happening on our team this year 🙂

MATH: Students were given their textbooks – please have them covered.
We will begin Chapter I next week.

SOCIAL STUDIES: The 5 Themes of Geography.

LANGUAGE ARTS: Starting a Word Study unit – Prefixes, suffixes, and root words.

SCIENCE: Nature of Science and the Scientific Method.

OTHER: Please sign up for REMIND 101 – Letters were sent home for you to get text alerts about upcoming assignments or events.
Please have your child turn in their Legacy Leader Contracts to their homeroom teachers.
We are off to a great start!

Legacy Teachers

Legacy in the News! October 2nd, 2015

Dear Legacy Parents,

We are working on the following:

Literature/Language Arts: We will be presenting our Storybird – digital stories next Monday and Tuesday. The rest of the week, we will be focusing on Inferences.

Math: We took the Primetime unit test today. We will start a unit on Ratios next week.

Social Studies: We will present the student’s power-points next week and there will be a test on Thursday – 10-8-15.

Science: We will have a vocab quiz on Landforms on Wednesday and studying Earth’s spheres.

OTHER: Friday, October 16th – First Grading Period Ends – Party for those who do not receive D’s or F’s and do not get more than 10 stamps will attend. Ask your child about this 🙂
Friday, October 16th – Early Release Day – Students dismiss at 12:20

Have a good weekend!
The Legacy Team Teachers

Science week of 10-22-12

Vocabulary quiz – Tuesday 10-23-12 – 13 words – the students have 3 foldables to study off of.