Week of August 22, 2016 through August 26, 2016

This week we will be starting our Word Study Unit. This is a vocabulary unit, which requires learning definitions of common affixes and root words. There will be an assessment in two weeks. Students will be expected to know the definition of all of the affixes/root words and use them to determine the meaning of words. A study guide will be sent home this Friday. I will be emphasizing the important study skill of studying a few words each night.

Learning Standard: Language (L.6.4) – Vocabulary Acquisition and Use

Determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases based on grade 6 reading and content, choosing flexibly from a range of strategies

  • Use common, grade-appropriate Greek or Latin affixes and roots as clues to the meaning of a word.

Monday: August 21, 2017

In Class: Collect All About Me Posters, Seating Chart, Using CLOSE reading strategy with nonfiction. Read Eclipse news article and watch video. 

Homework: No Homework

Tuesday: August 22, 2017

In Class: Introduction to Word Study Unit: set up flip books and define root words and prefixes

Homework: Study first 5 root words

Wednesday: August 23, 2017

In Class: Finish setting up flipbooks with prefix definitions. Secret Code activity, real or fake.

Homework: the last 6 root words

Thursday: August 24, 2017

In Class: Finish secret code activity, word dissection for the real words.

Homework: Study first 6 prefixes, review all of the root words.

Friday: August 25, 2017

In Class: Go over word dissections

Homework: study the rest of the prefixes, review all prefixes and root words



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