1st period

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1st period click here for edulastic lesson



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Scientific Notation Additional Practice

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Edulastic Scientific Notation Additional Practice

Math8- DUE Thursday, November 5th

math 2nd period:  http://app.edulastic.com/#renderResource/close/562eb938e4b03fc28bb51540

math 3rd period:  http://app.edulastic.com/#renderResource/close/562eb938e4b03fc28bb51530

math 5th period:  http://app.edulastic.com/#renderResource/close/562eb870e4b03fc28bb514da

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October 26th

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mathA:  review scientific notation, HW:  practice page or corrections

math8:  review quotient law, HW:  product law exploration


mathA:  scarecrow relay

math8:  review Simple Solutions 12-2 (HW:  predictions), extra practice on quotient law 😉


mathA:  scientific notation puzzle practice

math8:  product law, HW:  product law practice & Simple solutions 12-2


STAR testing

Edulastic practice due Thursday


mathA:  negative exponent law, HW:  practice page

math8:  Exponent Laws practice

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October 12th (sorry it’s late)

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SLO Assessment (pre)


mathA:  estimating irrational square roots, HW:  number line estimation practice

math8:  Scientific notation, HW:  leveled practice sheet, Simple Solutions Lesson 12-1 (predictions)


mathA:  estimation stations

math8:  review scientific notation, begin scientific notation operations, HW:  SS 12-1 (solving)


mathA:  review prime factorization, connect prime factorization with irrational squares

math8:  complete scientific notation operations, HW:  practice sheet & SS 12-1 (reflections) due tomorrow


mathA:  prime factorization methods, HW:  practice

math8:  scientific notation stations, HW:  practice sheet

Math8 has been working on Quiz corrections, with the hopes that we finish before the quarter ends on Friday.  Quiz corrects are done by individual skills during lunch and TIE.  This allows me to reteach the skill and students to ask specific questions.

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