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Category: Classroom Activities

water drop earthHow many drops of liquid do you think will fit on a penny? The Buckeyes worked together as partner scientists, predicting outcomes,  conducting the experiment, analyzing the data, making inferences, drawing conclusions, and learning about some pretty interesting properties of substances. Ask your Buckeye to guide you through the experiment at home and share with you a special property of water. See if they remember what it is called! Try the same experiment using a nickel, a dime, and a quarter.

earth cycleDo you know the interdependent systems of the earth? Did you know that when you put ice cubes in a glass of water, you are putting a part of the cryosphere into the hydrosphere? The  Buckeyes learned about these systems, their importance, and their interconnection on Earth. Ask your Buckeye what “bio”,  “hydro” , “geo”, “atmo”,  “cryo”, and  “exo” mean, and ask them to explain to you some other words that have the same prefix.