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Category: Announcements

Students must have three ring binders and a set of 5 dividers by Tuesday, September 3rd so that we may begin working on organizing our materials for our studies of Science. Thank you.

Homework is any assigned work that did not get fininshed in class or at school during the day. Assignments are expected to be completed by the start of class the next day unless a specific due date is given (for longer projects). Students will receive points for completed work, and only partial points for incomplete work. They have the opportunity during class discussions to take notes in order to have a completed and accurate set of notes for study purposes. However, they will not receive any further points for it since they did not originally complete the work and simply copied the correct answers in class. Incomplete and late work will be noted on Progressbook.

While daily work is not heavily weighted on Progressbook, it’s lack of completion impacts student learning negatively. Without completing the work, students do not begin with a strong foundation of knowledge on which to build further learning. They have much more difficulty understanding and applying scientific concepts. Consistent lack of responsibilty in this area results in poor performance on assessments, which the majority of the Science grade represents.

Completion of work is also an area of responsibility students should be improving, or fine tuning, as the year progresses and the concepts become more challenging.

After a unit in Science is completed, the Buckeye students will clean out their binders and will bring the contents  home for parents to view, discuss, and dispose of as desired. The Buckeyes are expected to refrain from throwing away or recycling the contents before they are viewed at home. Housekeeping will be indicated on the assignment page so that parents know when they can expect the materials to come home. The Buckeyes will be encouraged to bring tests and quizzes home the day they are returned, but it is expected that these papers will be returned to the Science binders after review and discussion at home.