Welcome to  the Miss Beal’s  Science Blog! Be prepared to explore our fascinating, exciting planet Earth through research, study, and hands-on activities. We will explore the following topics:

Nature of Matter – Atoms, Molecules, Changes of state

Cells and Cell Division

Rocks and Minerals

Soil – Components and Conservation

Nonrenewable Energy – Fossil Fuels

As we study these topics, we will emphasize good stewardship of Earth and its resources.

Contact Information

The best times to reach me are between 8:30-9:00am or from 2:40-3:00pm.

I can be contacted through the main office by phone at 330-676-8600.

My E-mail address is : ke_jbeal@kentschools.net

The team can be contacted in our team room through the main office between 7:40-8:30am.