iPhone Directions

By popular demand, here are the directions for connecting your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to your district email account. These screens are for the iPhone/iPod Touch, but the directions are similar for the iPad. PLEASE NOTE: configuring your iDevice to access your kentschools.net account will require you to set up a screen lock code if you haven’t already, and your device may be subject to remote wiping should a security breach occur.

1. Go to the Settings App and tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”:

2. Tap on “Add Account…”:

3. Tap on “Microsoft Exchange”:

4. Complete the information as shown; “Email” is your full kentschools.net email address, “Password” is your email password, “Description” is whatever you want to call the account (e.g. “Kent email“); when you’re done entering this info, tap “Next”:

5. A screen that says “Verifying” will come up, so just wait until it’s gone:

6. On the Account page, add in this information:

  • Server: mail.neonet.org
  • Domain: neonetda

7. A popup will come up that says, “Cannot Verify Server Identity”; just tap “Continue”:

8. In the “Exchange” window, turn on “Contacts”; “Calendar” and “Reminders” are optional:

9. A popup will come up; be sure to tap “Keep on My iPhone” – do NOT tap “Delete”!

10. Your iDevice is now set up to send and receive email through your kentschools.net account! If you’d like to sync more than three days of email, tap on “Mail Days to Sync”:

11. In the “Mail Days to Sync” window, select how many days of email you’d like to sync:

12. Tap the back button in the upper-left hand corner, and you’re done!

More information is available here: Email Setup for Smartphones