Expo Night

Just a reminder that the art and music expo has been rescheduled for tomorrow night, March 16th.  The event will begin at 6:30.  Music performance will be in the gym, K and 2 at 6:40 and 1 and 3 at 7:20.    There is artwork displayed throughout the hallways.  The book fair will be open in the library.  Please visit the world map that is displayed outside of the library.  The strings on the map show where students and/or parents were born (we only included parents that were born outside of ohio).  If your child is missing a string please fill out a form that is located at the desk by the map.  There are also two questions about the map.  Please feel free to and those questions and add your observations and inferences to the paper on the wall.  We hope to see you tomorrow evening.

State Testing Schedule

  •  All Tests Begin at 9:30

Wednesday, March 15 – 4th Grade ELA Testing
Thursday, March 16 – 4th Grade ELA Testing
Monday, March 20 – 3rd Grade ELA Testing
Tuesday, March 21 – 3rd Grade ELA Testing
Wednesday, March 22 – 5th Grade ELA Testing
Thursday, March 23 – 5th Grade ELA Testing
Tuesday, April 11 – 3rd Grade Math Testing
Wednesday, April 12 – 3rd Grade Math Testing
Tuesday, April 18 – 4th Grade Math Testing
Wednesday, April 19 – 4th Grade Math Testing
Thursday, April 20 – 5th Grade Math Testing
Friday, April 21 – 5th Grade Math Testing
Monday, April 24 – 5th Grade Science Testing
Tuesday, April 25 – 5th Grade Science Testing
Wednesday, April 26 – 4th Grade Social Studies Testing
Thursday, April 27 – 4th Grade Social Studies Testing


It is time for Girls on the Run registration.  The registration will close on Sunday, February 26th.  The season will the week of March 6, 2017.  Practices will be held twice a week and run for 10 weeks.  You will need to choose between two teams.  Either the Monday/Wednesday team or the Tuesday/Thursday team.  The girls will participate in a 5K on Saturday, May 20th at Infocision Stadium.  Please click on the link below to register and to find out more information.


Learning in Action

The students at Holden are applying their learning to real world experiences.  It is our job to create the risk-takers and innovators of the future.  Their job is to question, observe and provide evidence of their thinking.  Students must be learning these critical skills that can be applied to any occupation they take on in the future.

5th Grade Students


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4th Grade Students


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3rd Grade


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