Cold Week Ahead

Outdoor Recess – We will go outside if the temperature is 20 degrees and above with the windchill.  Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather.  If your child needs a new winter coat we do have some at the building.  Please contact our office and we will attempt to get one that fits your child.  Students are only allowed in the snow if they have BOTH winter boots on and snowpants.  They must have both to be in the snow.  

Attendance – I know that information was sent home at the beginning of the year but I thought a reminder may be good.  The state passed a new law a few years ago outlining what schools must do regarding attendance.  Schools must send attendance letters once a child has missed 5 days of school, another when they miss 10 days and finally a meeting has to be scheduled when the child misses 12 days of school.  We do exclude days when a doctors note is provided (please send them to the office) and if we have to send them home from school because of an illness.  These are the guidelines we have been given.  If you have any questions please contact the office. 

February 4 – 15 – 2nd Graders will be taking the IOWA/COGAT test.  This is done in the classrooms and will be done on the computer.  Parents will receive a copy of the results when we receive them.  We use this information to identify student learning styles, strengths and areas of improvement, and finally to determine eligibility for our enrichment program.  Please make sure your child is rested and understands to just do their best.

Thursday,January 31 – Writers’ Club after school
Monday, February 4th – 3rd Grade Reading after school – First Day  – It is every Monday and Wednesday
Tuesday, February 5th – 5:30 Kent State Basketball – 7 Ushers still needed.  
Thursday, February 7th- 5:30 Writers’ Club after school
Friday, February 8th – 6:00 HSA Movie Night

Thank you to the following people for ushering the last two basketball games.


Staff  – Mr. and Mrs. Bates, Miss McConnell, Mr. Wollam, Ms. Louis,  and Mrs. Lynn

Parents – Wendy Miller, Rob Fischer and Melissa Koher


Staff – Mrs. Russell, Mr. Bates, Mrs. Hopkins, and  Mr. and Mrs. Longanecker

Parents, – Craig and Erica Peeps, Hakeem Mohammed, Shamal Al-Dohuki, Beth Budzar and Sister, and Rob Fischer

We have 4 games left to usher.  We still need your help.  Please click on the link below if you can help out on any of the dates listed.

2/5/19 – 5:30 – We still need 7 ushers
2/16/19 – 5:30 – We still need 7 ushers
2/26/19 – 5:30 – We still need 2 ushers
3/8/19 – 5:30 –  We are all set!!!

Kent State Basketball