Weekly Update (12/3/18)

****  Please note that we will be going outside for recess when the temperature is 20 degrees or higher (with the wind chill).  Please dress your child for the weather.  Students will NOT be allowed off the blacktop to play in the snow unless they have boots and snow pants.  This is to prevent students from sitting in wet pant or socks all afternoon and getting sick.  They can also use polyester athletic pants to go over their jeans.  

I would also like to congratulate the following students for being recognized as Holden Scholars for the month of November.  Students we selected for demonstrating the following characteristics; inquiry, risk taking, problem solving, collaborating, communicating,and questioning.

Yasmina Elbahnasawy
Miriam Gardner
Phoebe McClure
Declan Patterson
Hanna Elbahnasawy
Sophia Petry
Jessica Smith
Jake Typpo
Nikayla Williams
Leona Chambers
Alex Hu
Cooper Casto
Ben Omenai

I would like to thank the following parents and Holden staff for volunteering to usher the Kent State Basketball game last Saturday.

Miss Louis
Erica Peeps
Matt Pazderak
Melissa Koher
Mr. Bates
Mrs. Bates
Ahmed Aljohani
Mrs. Wilson
Mrs. Dunaway
Kimberly Ranta
Wendy Miller

Schedule for this week….

Tuesday, December 4th – HSA Meeting in library @ 6:00
Saturday, December 8th – Kent State Basketball Game (We are covered)

We still need ushers for the month of December for ushering.

Kent State Basketball

12/28 – Still need 8 ushers
12/31 – Still need 9 ushers
1/05 – Still need 8 ushers
1/08 – Still need 8 ushers