Week of November 26

I hope everyone had a relaxing Thanksgiving Break.  We have four weeks left until the end of the second nine weeks.  This week there isn’t much going on but we do have picture retakes on Wednesday, November 28th.  

I would also like to thank the following parents for ushering the football and basketball games over break.

Mrs. Bates
Ms. Louis
Shelli Stanley
Chris Dunfee
David Simmons
Sara Ciolek
Rena Large 
Jim and Amy Soyars
Eva Frank
Julie McKinney
Mrs. Yeager
Mrs. Longanecker
Mr. Bates 
Mindy Uhrig
Nasar Matar
Mrs. Wills and Jason Wills
Shazia Nasir
Miss McConnell
Craig and Erica Peeps
Mrs. Blatt

Many of these people did both games.  Again thank you for your time.

Upcoming games…..

Kent State Basketball

Saturday, December 1 – 2:30 (We need 10 people) – Need two floor moppers
Saturday, December 8 – 2:30 (We need 3 people)
Friday, December 28 – 5:30 (We need 9 people) – Need two floor moppers
Monday, December 31 – 1:30 (We need 9 people) – Need two floor moppers

Please sign up using the link above or you can respond to this email.  Thank you.