Thank You Volunteers

I can’t thank our volunteers enough for all their help with ushering and the Halloween Gala.  The Gala was a big hit again this year.  Each year HSA is able to put on different events like the Halloween Gala, Movie Night, and free books from book fair at no additional cost to families.  Most other schools have to charge money in order to pay for the events and the food at the events.  We are lucky that our ushering helps to eliminate that cost.  

Thank you to our Halloween Gala Volunteers.

Emma Sweitzer
Jake Soyars
Parker Caldwell
Evan Packard
Nathan Maglott
Ellen Soyars
Face painting:
Belinda Garganus
Angela ( I do not know her last name)
Set up/take down
Melissa Koher
Wendy Miller
Sherri Kotouc
Lindsay Slack
Julie McKinney
Morgan Phelps
Kay Phelps
Stacia Kaschak
Jim Soyars

Kent State Basketball Ushers for Tuesday, November 13th.

Garrison Wollam
Shawn Bates
Heather Lynn
Jeanie and Jason Wills
Stacia and Mike Kaschak
Barb Vasbinder
Naveen Singhal
Shazia Nasir
Javed Khan