Kids’ Expo Night

I just want to remind parents that  on Tuesday, March 20 from 6:30 to 8:00  is our Kids’ Art Expo.  Art work is displayed throughout the hallway and the book fair will be open.  Students in grades K-3 will be signing in the gym.  

Concert Times:
K and 2 6:40-7:00PM

1 and 3 7:207:40PM

Also the following classes will be shopping at the book fair tomorrow.  

Mr. Wollam
Mrs. Sweigart
Mrs. Summers
Mrs. Wetizel
Mrs. Bates
Ms. Louis

We hope to see everyone Tuesday Night.  

Phones at Holden

We continue to have issues with our phone service at Holden.  As of this minute (2/2/2018 at 1:29) our phones services are working.  If for any reason you call our office and you continue to get a busy signal this may indicate that our phone services are down again.  If they are you can reach our office through our back up phone number, 330-677-6109.   I apologize for the inconvenience.  

Thank You Volunteers

Last night concluded our usher for Kent State Football.  I would like to thank the people listed below.  Without their help we wouldn’t have been able to raise over $4,000.  If you weren’t able to help with football there is still time to help with ushering basketball.  The winning classrooms for the pizza parties are Mrs. Longanecker, Mrs. Bates, Mrs. Weitzel, and Mrs. Kunkle.  There was a tie for third place.  

Many of these people volunteered for more than one game.  I would also like to thank Mindy Uhrig who organized all the whole season and was in charge.  

Adam Polster
Amanda Wade
Amy Zenner
Baojiang Jiang
Bipana Adhikari
Brad Maxwell
Bretty Tippey
Chad Frank
Chris Dunfee
Chris Rotondo
Cindy Price
David Simmons
Debbie Miller
Ed Morrow
Eliza Bruner
Eva Frank
Jason Knapp
Jenny Vodila
Jessica Dunfee
Jia Bi
Jim Soyars
Jody Maxwell
John Vodilla
Julie McKinney
Kathryn Mahon
Keith Ciolek
Kerry Reed
Lindsay Slack
Longzhi Xu
Melissa Koher
Michael Levicky
Mike Kaschak
Mindy Uhrig
Mith Reed
Naser Matar
Sam Bourdlais
Sara Ciolek
Scott Budzar
Stacia Kaschak
Theresa Morrow
Todd Packer
Trudy Diehl
Wendy Mann
Yan Yang
Ashley Fraser
Barb Vasbinder
Brianne Blatt
Christi Bates
Emmett Drugan
Janet Longanecker
Jenn Weitzel
Kelli Kunkle
Kim Metz
Lise Russell
Pat Archer
Patti Wilson
Shawn Bates
Shelley Loofboro
Susan Louis
Todd Poole

Veterans’ Assembly

On Friday, November 10th the 5th grade students at Holden Elementary honored veterans at an assembly in the afternoon.  We would like to thank all the families and veterans that attended the assembly.  Below are three videos that were submitted by our families that we were unable to watch during the assembly.  Please take time to listen to their stories.  

Harold McKinney – Grandfather of Sarah, Aaron, and Kira McKinney

Chester Kaschak – Grandfather of Tommy Kaschak

Bob Mather – Grandfather of Tommy Kaschak



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