Thank You Ushers

We have completed 2 football games and we have three to go.  I would like to thank the following people for helping out.  
(* (2) means that the parent has done both games)

Mrs. Weitzel
Amy Zenner
Stacia and Mike Kaschak
Shawn Bates (2)
Chris Dunfee (2)
David Simmons (2)
Jessica Dunfee
Lynda Barnett
Naveem Singhal
Naser Matar (2)
Mariah Taylor
Jill Fankhauser
Bryant Solomon (2) 
Chris Rotondo
Mr. Drugan
Madeline Dunaway
Edward Chiyaka
Mrs. Lynn
Mrs. Russell
Brian Bowles
Jeff and Jennifer Fahl
Jack and Courtney Edwards
Lynda Barnett

The current standing for the classroom pizza party for the top three classrooms for ushering.

Sweigart – 8
Loofboro – 2
Metz – 1
Stronz – 1
Hopkins – 1
Kunkle – 1
Wollam – 10
Yeager – 5
Weitzel – 3
Louis – 1
Bates – 4
Longanecker – 9

Box Tops and Acme Receipts

Once again we will be collecting  Box Tops, and Acme receipts.  Holden School receives money back from the Box Tops and Acme receipts.  In order to receive money from the Acme receipts we must reach a specific amount on the receipts.  The receipts that have community cash back on the bottom can be turned in to Holden. The community cash back program runs from September – December.      Thank you in advance for your help.

Ushering Update

Saturday was our first Kent State football game we ushered.  It was wet but the Flashes pulled it off.  This year we will be awarding the top three classrooms for ushering volunteers with a pizza party.  Right now the top three rooms are Longanecker, Wollam, Sweigart, and Yeager.  I would also like to thank the volunteers listed below for their help on Saturday.

Mrs. Weitzel
Amy Zenner
Mick and Stacia Kaschak
Mr. Bates
Chris and Jessica Dunfee
David Simmons
Lynda Barnett
Courtney and Jack Edwards
Naveem Singhal
Angelica Simpson
Naser Matar
Mariah Taylor
Bryant Solomon
Jill Fankhauser

New Student Passwords

On June 1, 2018, we changed all student passwords.  We sent out an email to ALL STUDENTS on May 14 and an email broadcast to ALL PARENTS on June 7:

This is to inform you ALL that student passwords will be updated the first week of June 2018, for security reasons.

Prior to June 2018 – All students use their Student#  and PINPIN to sign into their Google Account.
June 2018 – All student passwords will be changed to Kcsd#### (PIN# – only one time).
Currently – Student A logins in with a student # 543211 and PIN 76547654.
June 2018– Students A will login 543211 and Kcsd7654


If you have any questions, please email

Holden Elementary Logo
132 W. School St.
Kent OH 44240