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Seventh Grade Unit PowerPoints

Here you will find the PowerPoint and Prezis for each of the units.  As of now, they go in the order of the units as they are taught in class.  Print them off, or use them to help you complete notes from class.

Seventh Grade:

Observing and Inferring Power Point

The Atom Power Point

The Periodic Table Power Point
Atmosphere PowerPoint

Abiotic Powerpoint

Water Cycle, Ground Water, and Pollution Power Point

Ocean Motion Power Point

Heat Transfer and Wind PowerPoint

Energy PowerPoint

Succession PowerPoint

Food Chains and Energy Flow

Ecology and Population PowerPoint

Conservation and Biodiversity PP

Biomes and Water Ecosystems PP

Earth’s Cycles PowerPoint

Compounds, mixtures and solutions Power Point

Climate Powerpoint

WC, GW, and Pollution PP

 Eighth Grade: