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Seventh Grade Worksheets/Reviews

Below you will find units, as well as links to get the class notes that are used in class.  This is a great place to go if you are absent or didn’t catch all the notes in class.  You  can either look at the notes or print them off to have a copy.

Seventh Grade Information:

Lab Safety Notes

Inference and Observation Notes

Atom and Periodic Table  Notes

Atmosphere Review

Atom Study Guide

Atom Term Practice

Atoms and Periodic Table Notes

Period Table Study Guide

Periodic Table Term Practice

Reading a Chemical Formula

Abiotic Review

Climate and Adaptation Half Way Review

Climate Review

Compounds, Substance, Mixture Review

Reading a Chemical Formula

Compounds, Substance, Mixture Review

Food Chains and Photosynthesis Review

Succession Review Energy Review Sheet
Types of Energy Review

Ocean Current and Oceanography Review

Water Cycle and Groundwater Review